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at World Maritime University in Sweden

SWEDEN: WORLD MARITIME UNIVERSITY – Scholarship entries for M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs

The World Maritime University (WMU), in Malmö, Sweden, is a postgraduate maritime university under the United Nations, founded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1983 as its premier institution for maritime postgraduate education, research, and capacity building. WMU;

  • contributes to maritime capacity building and the development of effective policies for the global maritime community;
  • helps build a sustainable world through maritime education and research in the maritime sector;
  • educates future global maritime leaders, experts and professionals;
  • provides a forum for international collaboration on maritime transportation.

M.Sc. in Maritime Affairs
The M.Sc. program, in Malmö, Sweden, responds directly to the needs of the maritime industry, equipping graduates with the skills necessary for a successful career. The M.Sc. program offers 4 specializations:

  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration;
  • Maritime Law and Policy;
  • Maritime Education and Training;
  • Shipping and Port Management.

The standard 14-month program runs from September each year, and consists of 80 ECTS degree credits, plus 10 non-degree credits. Candidates who have already completed a postgraduate program elsewhere may be granted advanced standing, exempting them from the first semester.

Ph.D. in Maritime Affairs
The Ph.D. program, in Malmö, Sweden, is a research degree related to the IMO mission of safety, security, and environmental protection with specializations in:

  • Marine Environmental Management
  • Maritime Administration: Law, Policy and Security
  • Maritime Risk and System Safety
  • Maritime Technology and Education
  • Shipping and Port Management

The program consists of 240 ECTS credits, requires 3-6 years on a full- or part-time basis. Candidates who have completed part of a doctoral program elsewhere may be granted advanced standing, in which case the minimum permissible period of enrollment includes registration, one progression seminar, and the dissertation (120 ECTS credits), and requires a minimum of 12 months. The Ph.D. tuition is a credit-based university fee, includes supervision, access to the library and research laboratories, and IT support. An approved research proposal earns 20 ECTS credits, successful completion of 4 progression seminars, each earn 40 ECTS credits, successful defence of a dissertation earns 60 ECTS credits.

Scholarship entries:
Scholarship name: World Maritime University liaised donors
Scholarship Type: Full fellowships and tuition fellowships to attend M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs
Description: Students who cannot secure funding in their home countries can be considered for one of the fellowships that are made available each year by a number of international donors, who are supporting the World Maritime University.

The majority of these fellowships cover the full costs of studying at the University, while others may cover only the tuition fee. Liaison with the donors is through the University, which puts forward the files of eligible applicants to the donors. Please note that the donors have indicated that they do not wish applicants to contact them directly. The donors have established the criteria that they use when considering applicants: age, priority to certain regions, to certain specializations or to female applicants.

Current Fellowship donors include:

  • Ocean Policy Research Foundation of Japan
  • IMO Global Project and IMO Special Funds
  • International Transport Federation Seafarers’ Trust
  • European Union’s SafeMed II Project
  • Government of the Republic of Korea
  • TK Foundation
  • BP
  • Gård
  • WNTI

Max. Amount: € 44,500

Other Requirements: Candidates who hope to secure a donated fellowship must apply as early as possible to maximise their chances. Find the application documents on our website

Before applying for a fellowship from a WMU donor, you are strongly advised to explore all funding possibilities in your home country, such as from your own company or organisation, national scholarship and fellowship programmes for study abroad, international scholarship and fellowship programmes and maritime sector organisations and philanthropic foundations. A non-exhaustive list of institutes that may provide funding for Master, Ph.D. programs and/or other forms of funding to support your application can be found on our website

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