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Scholarships for Basic Sciences

Ph.D PhD Scholarships in Chemistry and Chemical/Materials Engineering at Monash University in Australia 15-10-2014
Ph.D 8 Scholarships Phd Biomolecular Sciences at University of Trento in Italy 24-07-2010
Ph.D 5 PhD student positions in Basic Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden 24-12-2009
Ph.D Postdoctoral research post Systems Biology at University of Bristol in United Kingdom 09-10-2009
Ph.D PhD Student Position in Computational Molecular Physics at Umeå University in Sweden 08-10-2009
Ph.D 2 PhD Positions in Physics of Complex Systems at Institute of Physical Chemistry in Warsaw in Poland 01-10-2009
Ph.D 21 PhD positions in Physical Chemistry at Polish Academy of Sciences in Poland 22-09-2009
Ph.D International Postdoctoral Fellowships at Cambridge University in United Kingdom 15-09-2009
Ph.D PhD Scholarships in Mathematics in Informatics at University of Calabria in Italy 11-09-2009
Ph.D Postdoctoral Position in Surface Compression / Encoding, at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore 11-09-2009
Ph.D PhD Scholarships in Biomolecular Sciences at University of Trento in Belenzani,ITALY 19-08-2009