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Scholarships for Medical

Ph.D PhD Scholarships in Health for International students at University of Technology Sydney in Australia 04-03-2015
Ph.D PhD Scholarship in Translational Cancer Research at University of Queensland in Australia 25-11-2014
Ph.D International Medical Research PhD Scholarships at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia 16-07-2014
Ph.D PhD Scholarship in Pharmaceutics or Environmental Chemistry at University of Southern Denmark in Denmark 16-01-2012
Ph.D PhD Studentship in Health Services Management Center at University of Birmingham in United Kingdom 05-02-2010
Ph.D PhD Positions in Medicine 2010 at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway 02-02-2010
Ph.D PhD Studentships in Cancer Research at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas in Spain 19-10-2009
Ph.D Postdoctoral Positions in Molecular Oncology at CNIO-Caja Navarra in Spain 19-10-2009
Ph.D PhD position in computational evolutionary genomics at University of Geneva in Switzerland 17-10-2009
Ph.D International PhD Program in Biomedical Research at Friedrich Miescher Institute in Switzerland 13-10-2009
Ph.D Doctoral Studentships on Generation to Reproduction at University of Cambridge in United Kingdom 13-10-2009
Ph.D Call for Applications-19 PhD student positions in biomedical sciences at University of Kuopio in Finland 10-09-2009
Ph.D PhD Studentships in Health and Social Care at University of Greenwich in United Kingdom,Europe 31-08-2009
Ph.D Health and Disability Scholarships at American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) in United States of America 31-08-2009
Ph.D PhD Scholarship in (BIO)-STATISTICS, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam at Erasmus University in Netherlands 30-08-2009